Novra Solutions – IPTV

woman-watching-tvNovra receivers have the full functionality required by IPTV applications including aggregating MPEG content via satellite for LAN distribution. Both free-to-air and DVB encrypted may be streamed. An optional 1 RU chassis holds up to 3 receivers and allows a compact IPTV head-end footprint.

Novra receivers can be used to form IPTV downlinks that provide PID filtering, de-multiplexing, multicast addressing and PAT insertion on MPEG or DVB transport streams. For example, all Novra video forwarding receivers (S300, S200 and S75 series) along with their CA versions (DVB conditional access common interface) can be used for multicast distribution of satellite TV streams onto corporate LANs, cable TV head-ends or IPTV head-ends. They have the ability to forward up to 80 Mbps of aggregated transport stream data for re-distribution onto a LAN that makes it an ideal, low cost solution for content aggregation and distribution into IPTV or cable TV head-ends, or multi-dwelling environments such as hotels or apartments. The Novra IPTV solution provides comprehensive treatment of content aggregation, distribution, various traffic scenarios and other system considerations.

Click below to download a white paper on the use of Novra’s IP Datacasting products as a content aggregation point in an IPTV network head end.