Command Line Device Mgt Software

Receiver Network (Command Line) Tools

The Central Management and Control Software (CMCS) is an extensive command line tool that can be used to configure and monitor your network of Novra receivers. It includes an interactive command set and a built-in scripting language that facilitates the development of custom control/monitoring applications.

CMCS is available on a number of popular OS platforms (see table below). Supported receivers include: the S75+, S75-Pro, S75CA, S200, S200Pro, S200CA and the S300N.

CMCSS75+, S75-Pro, S75CA, S200,
S200Pro, S200CA and S300N
S300D, S300V, S300E, S300CA
Quickstart Guide
FreeBSD 32 bit
FreeBSD 64 bit
Solaris x86
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