help-keyNovra Engineers and technicians combine expertise in circuit design, hardware integration, software development, and system deployment and management to offer robust playout devices designed for stand-alone operation.

Feel free to contact us regarding any Novra Datacasting Product or Digital Signage system by email or by telephone during business hours 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (CST), Monday to Friday.

Windows GUI Management Software | Command Line Utility CMCS | Custom Configuration Files | Firmware

Configuration GUIs & Manuals

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Users Manual for Novra’s products can be downloaded from the table below. This Windows-based GUI may be used to configure and monitor your Novra receiver. If you do not see your receiver or IP Encapsulator model in the table below, or if your download does not seem to work correctly, please contact Novra Customer Support.

S300, S300D, S300E, S300V, S300CA
S300N (NOAA)
S200, S200-Pro, S200CA
S75+, S75-Pro, S75CA
IPE-410C (Build 3.37)

Receiver Network (Command Line) Tools

The Central Management and Control Software (CMCS) is an extensive command line tool that can be used to configure and monitor you network of Novra receivers. It includes an interactive command set and a built-in scripting language that facilitates the development of custom control/monitoring applications.

CMCS is available on a number of popular OS platforms (see table below). Supported receivers include: the S75+, S75-Pro, S75CA, S200, S200Pro, S200CA and the S300N.

S75+, S75-Pro, S75CA, S200,
S200Pro, S200CA and S300N
S300D, S300V, S300E, S300CA
MacOS Executable
FreeBSD Executable
Solaris x86
Quickstart Guide
Software License

Custom Configuration Files

Here is a list of Novra Configuration files that large network operators are willing to share. Please consult your Novra receiver user manual for instructions on how to load XML configuration files.

Novra Receiver Config Files

Receiver Firmware

The latest firmware version available for your Novra receiver is provided below.

Please use your Novra receiver GUI or CMCS to update your receiver firmware. More information can be found in your Novra S300N User Manual, Section 4.5 or CMCS User Manual, Section

If your Novra receiver is not listed in the above table and you wish to request a firmware update, please email your receiver model number and build number (both labeled on the outside of the unit) to Novra Customer Support indicating your request.

Firmware Version