S300V Satellite Data and Video Receiver

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The S300V pro­vides all the func­tions of the S300D, plus it pro­vides spe­cial video han­dling capa­bil­i­ties that make it ide­ally suited to receive and dis­trib­ute MPEG video pro­gram­ming over your LAN.

The S300V sim­pli­fies the con­fig­u­ra­tion of your video pro­gram­ming so that you only need to select your desired pro­gram (from the Pro­gram List) and the IP address/port you wish to send this pro­gram to. The S300V does the rest. It also pro­vides flex­i­bil­ity to include or exclude selected, Audio, Tele­tex and SI Table PID’s. The S300V sup­ports both Sin­gle Pro­gram Trans­port Stream(s) (SPTS) and Multi-Program Trans­port Stream (MPTS) deployments.

The S300V is ide­ally suited for use as a video aggre­ga­tion point for your IPTV con­tent where dis­tri­b­u­tion over Lan is desired. Typ­ically, it is deployed into head-end net­works such as: hotel or cruise ship info­tain­ment, IPTV ser­vice, or cable TV ser­vice.

For more than 10 units, please request a quotation.

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Price: $ 650.00

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