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The IPE-410C pro­vides a full-featured IP Encap­su­la­tor that pro­vides an excep­tional price-to-performance solu­tion for broad­cast­ing TCP/IP data within an MPEG-DVB or MPEG-ATSC sys­tem infra­struc­ture. The flex­i­bil­ity of this plat­form is unmatched, offer­ing a high-speed mul­ti­plex­ing frame­work to inte­grate and man­age var­i­ous data inputs into a sin­gle MPEG-2 trans­port stream. A key ele­ment of the IP Encap­su­la­tor is the suite of intu­itive man­age­ment and mon­i­tor­ing tools that enable allo­ca­tion and pri­or­i­ti­za­tion of band­width to effi­ciently load-balance traffic.

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