S75 DVB-S Satellite Data and Video Receivers


The S75 DVB-S satellite receivers are  low cost, compact and robust devices that receives a DVB-S satellite signal and passes the IP or MPEG data onto your LAN.

The S75 capabilities are summarized along with the S200 and S300 in the Novra Receiver Summary Table.

The following features are common to all S75 models:

  • DVB-S Compliant
  • QPSK Demodulation up to 45 Msps @ 7/8 FEC
  • Up to 70 Mbps Sustained Throughput
  • RJ45 10/100BaseT Ethernet Interface
  • IGMP
  • Compact Form Factor

Height 3.58 cm 1.41 in
Width 13.27cm 5.22 in
Length 10.42 cm 4.10 in

The S75 receiver family consists of three different models that provide for all your content aggregation and distribution needs, including:

Reception of MPEG Encapsulated IP data and passes IP data onto the LAN.

Performs all of the functions of the S75+, plus enables you to receive raw MPEG PID’s and pass these PID’s onto your LAN. The S75-Pro has custom features that enable you to group related PID’s together (such as Video and Audio PIDs). This makes the S75-Pro ideally suited for IPTV applications. The S75-Pro also supports optional DVB-standard BISS Mode 1 Fixed Key Conditional.

Performs all of the functions of the S75+ and the S75-Pro, plus provides a conditional access Common Interface (DVB-CI) slot so that you can descramble content encrypted with most of the popular DVB conditional access systems.

DVB-S2 16/32APSK
80Mbps Throughput72Mbps
Data + Video Reception
Program-Based Video Handling
CA Support
Gold Code Support
Auto Symbol Rate Detection
ISI Filtering
Multi-Stream VCM
100 KBaud Operation


The S75+ will receive and forward Multi-Protocol Encapsulated (MPE) IP data. It is perfectly suited for consumer or small-medium enterprise use, delivering IP-based applications over satellite such as IPTV content delivery, weather imaging and data, distance education, digital signage, file distribution, and Internet over satellite to a single computer or to a network of computers.


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The S75-Pro provides special video handling features that make it ideally suited to receive and distribute MPEG video programming over your LAN.

The S75-Pro provides the operator enhanced MPEG routing capabilities. For instance, it is often desirable to send a single video stream with several different audio channels, each as a separate transport stream. The S75-Pro enables multiple PIDs to be grouped together in a single program stream, along with an optional, re-generated Program Association Table (called a mini-PAT), thus enabling support for Single Program Transport Streams (SPTS) or Multi-Program Transport Streams (MPTS).

The S75-Pro is ideally suited for use as a video aggregation point for your IPTV content where distribution over Lan is desired. Typically, it is deployed into head-end networks such as: hotel or cruise ship infotainment, IPTV service, or cable TV service.


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The S75CA provides all the functions and features described above in the S75+ and S75-Pro receivers, plus it adds a DVB-Compliant conditional access Common Interface (DVB-CI) slot. The inclusion of the DVB-CI slot provides a cost-effective means to provide compatibility with the vast majority of DVB conditional access systems.

The S75CA is ideally suited as a video aggregation point for your IPTV network where distribution over LAN is desired and the content is scrambled with a DVB conditional access system. The S75CA is typically deployed along side the S75-Pro into head-end networks such as: hotel or cruise ship infotainment, IPTV service, or cable TV service head ends.


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