A75 ATSC Data and Video Receiver

tv-tower The A75 is a  compact and robust receiver that is designed for datacasting and video applications over ATSC broadcast signals (ground-based digital TV channels). It will receive an ATSC signal and pass available IP or MPEG data onto your LAN.

The A75 provides the following features:

  • ATSC Compliant
  • 8-VSB Demodulation
  • Full 6 Mhz Channel Utilization (19.38 Mbps Sustained Throughput)
  • RJ45 10/100BaseT Ethernet Interface
  • IGMP Support
  • Compact Form Factor

Height  3.12cm  (1.23in)
Width  3.27cm  (5.22in)
Length  9.92cm  (3.90in)

The A75 will receive and forward Multi-Protocol Encapsulated (MPE) IP data onto your LAN.

The A75 also provides special video handling features that make it ideally suited to receive, aggregate and distribute MPEG video programming over your LAN. The A75 allows the assignment of multiple elementary stream PID’s (Audio, Video, PMT, etc) to a single multicast IP address, thus enabling the assignment of full video programs to a multicast address. The receiver also has an special variant that enables the full transport stream to passed intact to the LAN.

The A75 is ideally suited as an IP data receiver or as an MPEG video aggregation point for your content where distribution over Lan is desired. It is perfectly suited for consumer or small-medium enterprise use, delivering IP-based applications over digital terrestrial towers including weather imaging and data, distance education, digital signage, and file distribution. The A75 is also ideally suited as a local video content aggregation point into head-end networks such as hotels and/or multi-tenant dwellings. More can be learned by clicking below.

A75 ATSC Terrestrial Receiver