NovraLink Overview

Digital Signage Media Distribution/Management Solutions

383452_plasma_screensDigital Signage, Narrowcasting, Retail Television, In-store Television, Captive Audience Networks, Kiosks, Location-based Advertising, Display Marketing, Electronic Billboards — these terms are just a few characterizations of today’s new media industry. To provide an exact description of this industry would be complex. However, it’s essence is simple to describe: Targeted advertising at the point of purchase, delivered with exciting multimedia content via digital displays.

Digital displays encompass plasma display panels, liquid crystal displays (LCD), Kiosk stations, or even Computer monitors. Digital signage is revolutionizing the advertising and retail industries by allowing the central and rapid update of content and its immediate delivery to specific audiences in specific locations.

State-of-the-art slim and attractive plasma screens or LCD panels have the best effect. They can be positioned in waiting areas or at the point of purchase in the store. These can be department or grocery stores, banks, medical offices, hair salons, retail outlets, and any other place where consumers are a captive audience and making buying decisions.

Novra’s NovraLink solutions are truly end-to-end systems for Digital Signage Distribution and Content Management. We offer more than just a software package, that leaves you to source the appropriate hardware for your solution. We offer pre-configured appliance type Media Players and Content Distribution Servers that work out of the box for you. Our Content Manager application will allow you to easily manage your digital signage network, schedule your content for distribution, and assign the appropriate content to the correct displays or group(s) of displays. All this backed by our highly experienced support staff, who have a breadth of technology skills and are really friendly too!

From a central control office that can be located virtually anywhere, NovraLink can serve up product advertising audio/video clips, time-sensitive promotion information, branded TV, and entertainment to each display across the country.