NovraLink Components

Content Manager/Content Scheduler

woman-at-kioskThe NovraLink Content Manager application, with its intuitive user interface to guide the operator in their publishing tasks, enables the import of content from a variety of sources, creates playout schedules, and uploads all files to the file distribution server – DisseMedia.

Content Distribution Server

The NovraLink DisseMedia Server stores multimedia content until it is ready for distribution to remote digital signage locations. The content is transmitted using Novra’s proprietary forward error correction algorithm that has been proven to ensure reliable delivery of content.

Digital Signage Media Player

Every digital sign is connected to a Novra SSP100 Digital Signage Media Player. The SSP100 plays the appropriate content at the appropriate time, based on content and schedules sent to it from the Content Manager head end location.

Digital Signage Local Area Network

When multiple digital signs playing the same content are required at a single location, the SSS100 receives and stores the contents from the head end location and then serves the content to the local network of digital signs for playback on the simpler less expensive Network Media Player (NSP100).

Network Media Player

Novra’s NSP100 Network Media player is designed for multi-player locations that share a single SSS100.

Hosted Services

Novra also offers hosted services for digital signage over ethernet networks with IP based management. Media player leasing models are also available.

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