Novra Solutions – IP Datacasting

gui-on-tv-2Novra’s extensive experience in satellite and terrestrial communications, especially singlecast and multicast IP, combined with a function-focused product line, enable Novra to integrate end-to-end custom solutions for a wide range of Datacasting applications.

Novra has developed a line of DVB satellite and ATSC terrestrial data receivers (A75, S75, S200 and S300, respectively), and IP encapsulators (IPE-410C, and IPE-520C). Both product lines are suited for consumer or small-medium enterprise use and can be seamlessly integrated to provide end-to-end enterprise solutions. Typical applications include IP based delivery of distance education, file distribution, streaming content, internet-over-satellite and broadcast television to a single host or a network of hosts. When used as standalone appliances, Novra datacast products provide the low-level access to the DVB transport streams required by embedded or custom applications.