Novra Solutions – Enterprise Networks

business-tv-videoEnterprises can leverage Novra’s end-to-end solutions to manage IP traffic for a variety of in-house and service applications such as distance learning; enterprise software and database file distribution; audio/video streams; and weather, emergency and homeland security information updates.

Small, medium and large business enterprises can benefit from Novra’s robust data distribution systems. Novra products provide: secure gateways, datacasting to individual IP addresses or IP networks, access resolution through Conditional Access protocols, caching, backups, scheduled delivery and playout for visual displays. All services are managed by an intuitive graphical interface.
Applications include:

  • Distance education
  • Software updates
  • File/database distribution
  • Streaming audio/video content
  • Internet-over-satellite
  • Broadcast television (ATSC, DVB)
  • Weather, emergency and homeland security information updates

Novra Technologies specializes in custom designs where embedded or special function applications require low-level access to the DVB transport stream.