Older Novra News

2008, Jun Novra Technologies Announces Continued Sales Growth in IPTV Market
2008, Mar Implementation of Public Health Communications System Using Novra A75 Receivers
2007, Mar Novra Technologies Announces Significant Sale into IPTV Market
2006, May Novra Technologies announces changes to its board
2005, Jun Novra Technologies and Rikei Announce Sale of S75 DVB-IP Receivers to JSAT
2005, Jun Novra Technologies Announces Delivery of S75 DVB-IP Receivers to NOVANET
2004, Dec Novra Technologies Third Quarter Sales Increased by 500%
2004, Oct Novra Technologies and BTV+ enter into Partnership
2004, Jun Novra Technologies Establishes Japanese Reseller
2004, Jun Novra Technologies and Norsat International to provide IP-to-MPEG Encapsulation Services to Loral Skynet
2004, Jun Novra Technologies Doubles first Quarter sales
2004, Ma Novra Receivers Tuned to NOAA Weather Data
2004, Jan Novra Technologies completes significant sale
2003, Dec NovraLink set to carry Nygard Fashion Network
2003, Dec Norsat International and Novra Technologies announce a Technology Partnership Agreement
2003, Sep Novra Technologies announces new board members
2003, May Novra Technologies finalizes sale to G2 Satellite Solutions Company
2003, Mar Novra Technologies finalizes sale to Orient Group Satellite & Network Technology Co. Ltd
2003, Feb Manitoba Science & Technology Fund makes further investment in Novra
2003, Jan Novra gains momentum in delivering branded in-store television
2002, Nov Novra to unveil new product at ITU Telecom Asia
2002, Oct Novra extends global reach by signing Reseller Agreement and LOI with Beijing CPT Co. Ltd
2002, Oct Novra options remaining mineral claims
2002, Oct Novra receives another order for its advanced multicast content distribution system
2002, Jul Novra announces Board and Management changes
2002, Jun Novra Technologies Inc. finalizes sale to key customer in the UK
2001, Dec Novra Technologies Inc. today announced that it has signed a reseller agreement with Norsat International
2001, Dec Novra Technologies Inc. had entered into an agreement with R. De Jong
2001, Sep Novra Technologies Inc. today announced that it has entered into an agreement with the National Research Council of Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program
2001, Jun Century Gold Corp. today announced that the acquisition of all Novra Technologies Inc. shares was completed
2001, May Century Gold Corp. announces that the Canadian Venture Exchange has approved the acquistion of Novra Tehcnologies Inc. shares and the resulting change of business
2001, Apr Century Gold Corp. announces that the Novra Technologies Inc. acquisition received overwhelming shareholder approval
2001, Jan Century Gold Corp. announces provision of operating capital to Novra Technologies Inc.